Prrl Labs Neo

Picked up this Prrl Labs Neo. Its an interesting device.

First off, its really well made and very sleek looking. It has a very simple user interface that requires no learning.

I first tried the Neo with a few different standard combustion bowls with varying success. After reading some tips on FC I settled on putting a screen in the fitting of an 18mm J Hook. This proved to be the best setup.

There is definitely a learning curve with the Neo. First its important to preheat your device and the bowl. After that you give it a few puffs to get it going before taking a real pull. These are the actual instructions from Prrl, and they work.

This is not a smoke machine, but produces amazing flavor and excellent extraction. It is not a push button vape like the TM. It has a specific technique and ritual that makes it shine.

All in all a unique and enjoyable device. The one thing I would like to see is for it to include a purpose built glass bong bowl.

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