Glass Cap - BETA
Glass Cap - BETA
Glass Cap - BETA

Glass Cap - BETA

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The Glass Cap is what you get when a Vapcap and a Vaponic have a baby

Load some herb in the stem put the cap on then heat it like a vapcap with a dab torch. Air is pulled up from the bottom and heated as it passes between the hot glass. It is a 70-3 conduction/convection mix

These are BETA units. I am confident of the performance but not sure about the longevity of the heater or handle. EDIT: getting more confident with refinement and use. Handles will vary from what's shown 

Making it cheap enough to take a chance 

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I like it

It's a good little vape, big cloud, good taste and efficiency.Nice job
I recommend

The Glass Cap - BETA (18mm)

One of the coolest and most enjoyable vaporizers I have used in a long time.
Big torch required.
Over size : 0.3 - 0.4 g (max in my opinion)
Average heat time : 30 - 40 seconds (timing is important)
Number of heating : 2 - 3 (depending on what you want)

Congratulations for your exceptional works of art.

Rudy D
Glass cap Wow!

So simple, So powerful! On a J Hook the first heating was sooo tasty, the second was like a big slap in my face, the third was for finish the bowl. By the second heating you can take several puffs. 3 heating and Boom you're somewhere else! Tasty and powerful!