The "Big G" Dynavap Vapcap Stem
The "Big G" Dynavap Vapcap Stem
The "Big G" Dynavap Vapcap Stem

The "Big G" Dynavap Vapcap Stem

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Just a fun novelty stem!!!! Clear, Black, Pink or Blue available

The "Big G" is a modular glass stem that is comprised of 3 parts, a Stainless steel tip insert, Borosilicate glass stem, and Borosilicate glass condenser/MP/WPA. It can be used as a stem or with your favorite water pipe and can be used with or without an included "Rogue Cooling Unit". The MP can also be extended from the stem to lengthen the vapor path. 

No Vapcap tip included

Customer Reviews

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Josh Gunn
Very cool

Very versatile and works very well. Recommended.

Rudy D
The Big G

Just arrived , just tested! Simple, adjustable at the size that you want, you can put anything with 10 mm joint. The flavors are wonderful and the vapor cooled by the length of the glass tube. I recommend highly!

The Big G is my daily driver.

This thing cools like ice, looks fancy, and the 10mm SS adapter can be used in other glass too. Very handy and the price point is unmatched. Best upgrade to an M. Thank you!


This is a pretty nice piece of glass. It's cools very well even without the intercooler.
I pulled out the little steel piece on the tip of the glass stem in order to replace the original WoodScents Glass AromaStem : multi-purpose vaporizer with a little imagination.
Fast shipment : item was delivered within 7 business day of order and well packaged. The shipment has been delivered with a little additional charge in France : EUR 9.
The customer service experience was efficient and respectful to answer to all your questions.
Highly recommended : great job TRWW!

Great functionality for the price

Just took my first rip through this thing and I'm impressed. It came with two spiral coolers so I put one in the glass stem and the other in the condenser of my 2020 M. I pulled out the little steel piece on the tip of the glass stem to find that the tapered M stem fit perfectly. I put the Big G into my water pipe, heated the M, and hit it through the G stem. The rip was so cool and smooth that it was almost like I had put ice or cold water in my water piece.

Not many bells and whistles here, just a ridiculously functional accessory at a fantastic price. If you have a dynavap and want a cheap cooling solution with some added functionality then I would highly recommend picking up one of these stems.

Also, the shipping was fast and cheap and the item came very well packaged. Great job TRWW!